Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vinyl for your Teachers

It's that time of year again!! I can't believe how quickly the school year passes.
Right now is the time to be thinking of thank you gifts for your teachers.
Here are just a few ideas of what you could do.
 All are inexpensive & easy to put together.
 I found these ADORABLE apples filled with anti-bac hand sanitizer at Bath & Body Works back in the fall. I gave them to my boys teachers as a back to school gift. Just add your teachers name in vinyl and Viola you have a totally cute, personalized present. Plus it's practical.
{Teacher's name in vinyl just $2.50 each}
One of our most popular items we sell at the end of the school year is the vinyl for a candle. You can find a white large pillar candle just about anywhere and grab the vinyl from us. Wrap in cellophane and again totally cute & easy teacher gift.
{candle vinyl $6.00}
Bottom layer: TEACHER
Top layer: "Touches a Life Forever"
If the teacher vinyl for the candle seems to "teacher-ish" or impractical...
(I am all about practical gifts)
you could also just do the teacher's last name in vinyl on a candle for a gift that he/she could take home with them.
{candle name vinyl $5.00}
Found this online at
SO darling. I just LOVE this gift idea!!
You just buy a small cracker jar
(they run between $2.50-$4.50 @ Walmart depending on the size you get),
 pack of pencils, vinyl from us, & tie it all up with a ribbon.
{vinyl for cracker jars $3.50 each} 
In these 2 pictures, I have a friend who bought some cute metal boxes (which can be found at Michaels as well as Hobby Lobby) & then had me do names and/or initals in vinyl to decorate the outside of the box.
In the top picture the box was filled with a everything your teacher would need to give herself a pedicure. Flip flops, lotion, foot scrubber, maincure set.
In the bottom pic, the box is filled with thank you notes from all the kids in the class. How sweet is that!!
{TOP PIC: initals for box $2.50}
BOTTOM LAYER:teacher's names
TOP LAYER: "thanks for the memories
OK...These apple cookie jars are hard to find. I found them @ Walmart a couple years ago on Christmas clearance so I grabbed them and stored them till the end of school. Then finished them off with the teacher's names. These are still my favorite gift I have ever made for my boys teacher's and they just LOVED them.
{cookie jar vinyl-$5.00}
For other adorable & creative teacher gifts visit these sites:

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